Simply Delicious Corn Soup

I assisted a talented chef, Becky Selengut, at a recent PCC event, Taste of PCC in Issaquah, where she prepared summer scallops with corn soup. It was a beautiful Saturday with the sun shining brightly with no clouds in the sky. A perfect day before the rainy season begins in Seattle. I wanted to share this recipe and remind us how simple, whole foods can be so delicious.

As the event highlighted fresh, local, seasonal foods in abundance, corn was on the menu. The soup was simple and easy to prepare; only 3 to 4 ingredients were needed. Fresh corn was cut straight from the cob and a spoon was used to remove any remaining milk and corn…holding the cob in your hand over a bowl, use a spoon to scrape down any remaining corn from top to bottom. I learned from Becky that this is known as milking the cob, which releases the natural cornstarch. I was amazed at how much corn and milk were retrieved when normally I would just throw the cob in compost after cutting off the corn. Next, the corn was put into a blender with a bit of water (about a half a cup), about a tablespoon of butter, and some salt. Whirl away and allow the soup to blend for a minute or two to come together. The soup was a beautiful yellow color but a bit thin. As corn has natural cornstarch in it, it was heated on the stove for several minutes to thicken (stirring constantly). The soup came together; it was creamy, velvety, smooth, and rich. That was just by looking at it. I tasted a spoonful of the soup; it was amazing. Sweet, creamy, flavorful…I couldn’t believe how something as simple as corn could be so sweet and delicious. Of course I couldn’t wait to buy more corn and make this soup for myself.

This soup reminded me how whole foods can be amazing whether prepared with a few other ingredients to create an amazing combination or simply just eaten as is. What are some of your favorite whole foods? Do you enjoy them fresh or with a few key elements added to make them even tastier? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here is a link to the recipe; however, clam juice was not used at the event (it was out of stock) but would provide a different element to the soup. In addition, as I avoid dairy, I made the recipe without butter, and it came out great!


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