Mindless Munching

As you go throughout your day, do you keep track of all the little bits of food that you put into your mouth?  There are some days when your meal fills you up so that you feel nourished and satisfied with what you’ve consumed, yet on other days  you grab little bites or snacks throughout the day.  Is it because you are hungry or  bored, tired or stressed, happy or sad….These extra calories add up by the end of the day leading to excess weight gain without you even realizing it.  Who thinks that a small handful of nuts/seeds, a half a muffin, a glass of juice, or a handful of goodies from that candy jar would make a difference, but it does!

One of the best ways to lose a few extra pounds is to become aware of small, everyday changes that you can make to increase awareness of your choices and/or eating habits.  An extra 100 to 200 calories a day can lead to a 10 to 15 pound weight gain over a year.   However, there are simple tips to help you keep the weight gain at bay.

  • Have you seen the size of dinner plates these days…the bigger they are, the more food is piled up.  A smaller plate tricks the mind to think you are eating more.
  • Replace fruit juice or sweetened beverages with whole fruit or water, or opt for half seltzer mixed with that favorite beverage.
  • At your next meal, serve yourself a few less bites than you normally would.  Did you miss those extra bites?
  • Eat slowly…it takes 20 minutes for you to realize your full.  Take the time to enjoy your meal and put your fork down between bites.
  • A soup or a salad is a great way to start your next meal providing plenty of fiber and fulfilling nutrients!

Check out this great book called… mindless eating by Brian Wansink for great tips and info. on how we mindless consume extra calories a day!