Why Choose Coconut Oil…

In my last post, I mentioned about sautéing with coconut oil. Many people think of avoiding this because of its high saturated fat content. Let me try and persuade you to use this very versatile oil every once in a while or at least experiment with it.

Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid that is better able to be absorbed into the bloodstream where it can be utilized for energy very rapidly.  Many other oils are long-chain fatty acids that require a longer process for digestion (absorbed into the intestine, assembled into triglycerides, and eventually transferred to needed parts of the body via chylomicrons). Since coconut oil is readily absorbed, your body can use this fuel quickly as well as it having a decreased chance to be stored as fat. Besides this, coconut oil is high in lauric acid, capric, and capyrlic acid, which are anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. This is helpful to the body by fighting off infections, bacteria, fungi, or parasites.

You may have also heard about oils and their smoking point. Some unrefined oils such as flaxseed, extra virgin olive oil (first cold pressed), and pumpkin seed oil are very fragile, meaning they have a very low smoke point and should not be used for frying, sautéing, or baking. These oils work best as dipping oils for bread, salad dressings, or to season a dish after it has been cooked. However, coconut oil has a high smoke point, which is perfect for sautéing, baking, or frying. Choosing organic, pure coconut oil has a beautiful, fresh coconut aroma to it. If you are not a fan of coconut flavor, choose refined coconut oil, which still has the benefits to it, although it will not have the taste or smell of fresh coconut.

Go ahead and give coconut oil a try and let me know what you think.


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